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Experts in assessing storm-related damage to your home.
Based in Washington, Illinois, and servicing all areas throughout Central Illinois and beyond.

We make sure the roof over your head stays there!


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How we can help?

The importance of regular roof inspections.

When storms cause damage to your home, it is important to act quickly. The time limit to file an insurance claim depends on your insurance company, but it is typically between 3 months to a year.

A routine inspection of your home's roof at least once yearly is extremely important. Even if your roof and its shingles appear in good shape, a careful inspection may reveal less obvious damage. Don’t let the superficial appearance deceive you into a false sense of security.


At Cawley Roof Consultants, we work with your insurance company on your behalf. We take the time, so you don’t have to. Our service is fast and gets results! Our consultants work with your insurance company to ensure all damage is covered and properly paid. We negotiate for the best possible outcome and the maximum settlement available.

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Who we are

With over 16 years in the construction and restoration business, we have seen countless homes affected by storm damage that occurred years ago. This meant significant out-of-pocket expenses for these homeowners. If the damage had been assessed after the storm, the homeowners could have filed a claim and avoided these expenses.

As a local business based in Washington, Illinois, Cawley Roof Consultants is here to help homeowners assess damage early enough to file a claim and avoid costly repairs in the future.


Our Services

Insurance adjustment services for storm damage and more.

Roofing: Replacement and maintenance

Siding: Replacement and maintenance

Guttering: Replacement and maintenance


What we do

We are by your side through the entire process! Starting with your free inspection, where we determine if storm damage has occurred and if a claim is necessary. While we specialize in roofing, we also inspect your siding, gutters, windows, and even the interior of your home.


During the inspection, our consultants find the obvious problems but are also trained to find the not-so-obvious problems. Small damages can quickly become leaks or ice dams. Leaks and ice dams eventually turn into mold, electrical problems, or rotting wood — all of which are expensive to repair.


After your inspection, if there is damage to your home, we walk you through the process of filing a claim with your insurance company. We even meet the insurance adjuster at your home and show them our findings. We work hard to ensure all damage is covered by your claim and limit out-of-pocket expenses for you!


Once you have qualified for an insurance claim, we schedule the repairs and work with the construction company to get everything fixed! We are with you from start to finish.

Our Process




It's important to have your roof inspected annually for storm damage.


Let's File

a Claim

The homeowner will let the agent know we would like to have the roof assessed by their insurance inspector. IMPORTANT- it's vital that CAWLEY ROOF CONSULTANTS meets the insurance inspector on the roof on the day of the inspection so that we may point out the specific damage to ensure you are not wrongfully denied. 


How Would You Like to Proceed?

If Insurance provided you with a FULL ROOF REPLACEMENT, We will schedule the work with our roofers and replace your roof through insurance proceeds. 

If Insurance provided you with a PARTIAL ROOF REPLACEMENT, We will assess the replacement cost and prepare a quote for your review. 


Make a

Down Payment

Your down payment will be half of the initial roof estimate. You will pay the final amount after the work has been completed and after your insurance company releases your final payout. 


If we have found significant damage.

We will discuss the damages found, storm date, ACV vs. RCV, and the deductible with the help of your agent.  As a group, we will determine whether to move forward with a claim based on your insurance type and your deductible.



Claim Coverage

If we haven't heard from your insurance company within 3 business days, we will call them. Your insurance company will discuss with us what damage will be covered under your insurance claim. We negotiate on your behalf to ensure the maximum settlement available.


Sign a Contract and Schedule the Work

We meet with you and discuss all of the details and lay out a time frame on when the work will be completed.




Word-of-mouth marketing matters. After your job is complete, we hope you'll take the time to give us a great review! 


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